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The links on this page range from other kendo clubs to equipment. If you feel like we're missing something here, please e-mail us, and we'll be glad to put it on here.

Additional Background Information on Kendo:

Kendo Federations:

The Sasaktoon Kendo Club's FAQ Page

The Canadian Kendo Federation

The All United States Kendo Federation

The Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation

Canadian Kendo Dojos:

Kendo Equipment:

The UBC Kendo Club

The Saskatoon Kendo Club

The Regina Kendo Club

The Calgary Kendo Club

Sei Do Kai: The Univ. of Guelph Kendo Club

The Univ of Waterloo Kendo Club

The Toronto Kendo Club

The JCCC Kendo Club

The Univ. of Victoria Kendo Club

Koei Budogu Co. (Japan)

Tozando Canada




Miscellaneous Links:

Team Canada:

Koryu Online

The Team Canada Site



Practice Times/Events | Purpose/History | Equipment | Contact Us
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